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Here is a list of the ways I can help. 


This is a safe way for a couple to identify issues that have ‘plagued’ their relationship, allowing them to generate strategies that will provide practical solutions going forward. Both parties are given the freedom to openly discuss issues that have been a ‘deal breaker’ and have frustrated healthy interaction. It isn’t counselling in that we don’t focus on the past; rather, it’s about applying communication techniques designed to facilitate an understanding of the other person’s point of view, with the purpose of arriving at a workable solution for the future.  


Your mediation can be conducted either face to face or via Zoom or telephone, where a party wouldn’t feel safe to be in contact with the other party. Where children are involved, The Family Law Act 1975 encourages parents to use the mediation process to come to an agreement between themselves about their children’s care and well-being without going to Court. If this process doesn’t occur, either because one party is unable to agree to a resolution, or refuses to attend the mediation, a Certificate 60i is issued to the party seeking the mediation and the case is referred to the court system for a judge to decide the outcome. This can be a very expensive process which takes a long time.


This is a ‘Parenting without Conflict’ online course that offers coaching support for parents. Originally developed by Bill Eddy, president of the High Conflict Institute and developer of the New Ways for Families method in America, it has been designed to maximise the effectiveness of client parenting, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

While the programme will enhance the effectiveness of any parenting, it specifically focuses on the needs faced by parents and co-parents who are negotiating a separation or divorce, helping them manage or avoid high conflict issues.